About Hazel

There literally is no time of the day that is not suitable for an ice cream. Haven’t we heard of the rhyme “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream”? Understanding your unique ice cream cravings, Hazel, the ecstatic ice cream corner offers much more than just ice cream!

We at Hazel do not think twice to introduce a new flavour or a signature classic.

Back in 2011, when two thick friends Vinay and Sunil, launched Hazel – the ice cream store that also serves thick shakes and much more, they potentially were fearless, keeping aside the risk factor. The quiet sit down café in Gachibowli once, has now expanded into bigger outlets in the busy areas of Banjara Hills, Jubille Hills, Madinaguda Manjeera Mall. The importance given to quality and service, Hazel has taken thousands of customers by awe and turned them to their regular customers.

Hazel only makes (yes we make them!) pure vegetarian ice cream with fresh milk, butter and real time flavours with absolutely no synthetic ingredients.

Hazel now taken over by Ganaay Foods Pvt Lt and the team of Ganaay has a vast and diversified experience in Food and Technology Industry. The team also has certified experience in Ice Cream industry from Penn State University (USA) and worldwide exposure with clear vision of serving Hazel ice cream to the world with no compromise being made on quality and customer service.

Hazel promises you a delightful ice-cream time anytime!