Can I expect some discount for buying huge quantity of cakes?

Our store managers will help you with this! Contact our nearest store to know more about bulk orders.

Fancy an ice cream cake?

We specialize in making Ice cream cakes, made with our own Ice cream products. Check out our page for the range of options and if you want to order with us, remember to place your order 48 hours prior to delivery. The prices are subject to change from one store location to the other. What’s new? You can also order through apps shortly

How much do you charge for the cakes?

The prices and cake designs vary based on the store and the design you choose. Custom made ones are prepared with a lot of effort and care. Please be sure to order with us 48 hours prior to the D day and check out our pricing policy on our web page.

What are the cake sizes?

Here is our simple list of the size:

  • 6″ Small Round – Serves up to 8
  • 8″ Large Round – Serves up to 14
What are the different cakes available?

Check out our Cakes page for info on the cakes we offer. Like to order with us? Give us a call at our nearest Hazel store location (please note that most we require at least 48 hours advance notice for custom cake orders, so that we have the ample time to bake delicious ones) The prices are however subject to change from one store to the other.