Are larger quantity ice cream tubs available?

Absolutely! Stop by our store, and pick up your size of ½ or 1 liter container that is adequately filled with the flavor and love.

Create your creation: our concept!

How do you like to have your ice cream? Cups or waffle bowls? Or cones maybe? Our creation is customized with a range of toppings starting from fruits, nuts, candies and many other goodies. Or if you are too stressed out to make your own, choose our signature creations, created just keeping in mind the way people like to eat!

How do I choose my quantity?

To suit your budget and quantity requirement, we offer Mini cups for 100 grams, Regular for a 200 gram and the Large for 300 grams. Like some more quantity? We have even larger packs. Ask us at the store and we will serve you as much as you want!

Signature creations: Tried out?

Hazels offers the Signature creation that is a special combination of ice cream and toppings. Some of them are delicious and all-time favorites with twists! Nutty Caramel, Ice Cream sizzlers and red velvet’s are truly our innovation. Take a look at the Signature Creations on our web page.

Sugar free please?

Definitely! We understand how much all of you like Ice creams and how it is impossible to resist them. Try our Vanilla, Mango, strawberry and Butterscotch sugar free ice creams.


Yes. All our Ice Creams are 100% vegetarian. The cookie dough, waffle products and brownies may contain egg, but we still are ready to accommodate any special requests.